23Apr 2020
Apr 23, 2020

Are We Prepared? What have we Learned from Covid-19?

Our economic structure is fragile and can come falling down much easier that we expected. Some scary statistics:

-Thirty percent (30%) of US families have less than $1,000 of emergency funds.
-The average US family credit card debt is $5,700
-A 2015 estimate indicated that the average US family had 33 days of food but the range was 5 to 120 days.

If our truckers could not drive our essential food supplies would disappear from the grocery store shelves in 2-5 days. This was witnessed when the Covid-19 lockdown first started.

When this crisis ends maybe we should re-assess our preparedness and consider having a minimum of three months of the following as a goal:

-Financial resources
-Fuel (where possible)

Start with a goal of obtaining a week supply of each of the above as a monthly goal. Then in a year each family would have a three month supply that would allow a family to live if we had a total lock down for a three month quarantine.

Please take this seriously as we have had a wakeup call from the Covid-19 crisis. Let us all prepare our families for the next crisis for surely it will come.

Remember that we are a resilient country. In time we will overcome, but with more due diligence and a watchful eye for what may lie ahead.

What does the new norm look like? What will opening this country back up look like for you and your business, and your family?

We must all focus on keeping our employees, customers and vendors safe while working at our facilities and supporting our businesses.

Leadership must ensure that protocols are followed, and all employees stay healthy and safe. In doing so, we support our families with preparedness, obedience, and learn to overcome this particular crisis and be ready for the next one.

We are all in this together

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