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9Sep 2013
Sep 9, 2013



Before attempting to understand the valuation of preferred stock you must first have an understanding the term and what makes preferred different from other types of stock. By understanding what you are dealing with you are then able to discuss your needs with […] Read more

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2Sep 2013
Sep 2, 2013

Management For Any Small Business

Learn about Management for any small business.  Do you have what it takes?

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur or part of a small business management team? Though the term entrepreneur is sometimes used loosely today, it means much more than someone […] Read more

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value in entrepreneurship
26Aug 2013
Aug 26, 2013

Finding Value in Entrepreneurial Effective Management

Most of the time when you hear about a company being bought out, there is a ripple of panic that goes through the entire company. Layoffs are expected and an entirely new management team is expected to arrive at any moment. Time studies will most likely be done […] Read more

19Aug 2013
Aug 19, 2013

Using Risk Management To Make Your Business Stand Out

Risk management and cost of capital go hand in hand. In fact risk management is really based your understanding of the key elements of risk that a business must face.  The cost of capital should reflect upon your risk appetite and the specific company risk. For some, the […] Read more

12Aug 2013
Aug 12, 2013


Marketability Discount – “The concept of marketability deals with the liquidity of the interest—how quickly and certainly it can be converted to cash at the owner’s discretion.”  Source:  Chapter 6, Fundamentals, Techniques & Theory, National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA)     

We will define Marketability […] Read more

What is the Company Specific Cost of Capital
31Jul 2013

What is the Company Specific Cost of Capital?

What is the Company Specific Cost of Capital | The Cost of Capital typically used for a business valuation is the Ibbotson’s Build-up method which comprises several risk factor elements discussed in a previous article.   The company specific risk factor for the cost of capital is presented […] Read more

24Jul 2013
Jul 24, 2013

Rules for Minority Discount in Business Valuations

Minority Interest Discount – The concept of minority interest deals with the relationship between the interest being valued and the total enterprise, based on the factors discussed.”  “The primary factor on the value of the minority interest in relationship of the minority shareholder interest to the total shareholder interest […] Read more

15Jul 2013
Jul 15, 2013

How to Calculate Cost of Capital

It is often necessary to calculate the cost of capital when you are trying to make decisions concerning investments or lending. You may also need to show your current cost of capital if you are trying to elicit investments for your company. This is to say that your […] Read more

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11Jul 2013
Jul 11, 2013

Flaws and Errors in Rules of Thumb Cost of Capital

When using rules of thumb to figure cost of capital, you have to know that there are certain flaws and errors in rules of thumb that can cost an owner or valuation user large losses and errors. Rules of Thumb formulas are estimations and do not take into […] Read more

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3Jul 2013

Selling Your Business Can Be Stressful – Hire Valuation Services to Ease the Pressure

Before you even learn about the details of how valuation services can help you sell your business, consider the fact that having a professional business valuation is a sure sign to potential buyers that you are someone who is savvy enough to take your business seriously. Not only […] Read more

26Jun 2013

Quick Basics of Corporate Valuation Services

Corporate valuation services are completely different than valuation services for homes and other material possessions. In fact, they are even different from the services offered to sole proprietors. There is a very good reason for this difference. For one thing, compared to sole proprietors, corporations are much more […] Read more

24May 2013

Keys to Evaluating Valuation Service Providers

Keys to Evaluating Valuation Service Providers | The first step to choosing a valuation service provider is to evaluate the package of services offered to determine whether the provider meets your needs.  There are several points that should be covered when you begin searching for a valuation service, to […] Read more

16May 2013

Importance of Independent Valuation Services

Importance of Valuations

Business owners who are interested in learning the true value of their companies will do well to hire professional independent valuation services to perform this task for their company. There are several reasons that this might be something valuable to a business, even […] Read more

9May 2013

Quick Guide to Business Valuation Methods

Quick Guide to Business Valuation Methods

Let’s face it, the goal of many business owners is to build a company which can ultimately be sold for a large profit.  While this may be the end goal, how to go about doing this can be quite difficult.  This […] Read more

3May 2013
May 3, 2013

Three Things to Focus On Before You Put Your Business Up For Sale

Determining the value of your business can be very difficult. Different personalities go into business for themselves for a number of reasons.  Some business owners balk at the idea of working for someone else, while others are forced to go out on their own after job loss or […] Read more

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25Apr 2013
Apr 25, 2013

How Business Valuation Services Can Get You More Money for Your Business

How Business Valuation Services Can Get You More Money for Your Business

How Business Valuation Services Can Get You More Money for Your Business. With the downturn in the economy, many small business owners are looking to sell their companies.  While this offers a great opportunity […] Read more

19Apr 2013
Apr 19, 2013

Improve the value of your business

Many companies who are looking to sell their company are constantly looking for small business valuation ideas.  Let’s face it, selling a company can be difficult especially when you are attempting to come up with a sales price that is fair for both parties.  If you are […] Read more

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30Dec 2012
Dec 30, 2012

Company List

Company List | Leadership roles as CEO/President/Board Chairman/Board Member or Founder for new companies or the optimization of existing companies

Company Industry Area
Company Industry Area

Auto-Recreation vehicles
Hoses, fittings, junctions

Automotive appearance products
Human exercise-fitness

Artificial […] Read more

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29Dec 2012

Specific Area Consulting Services

Specific Area Consulting Services. It has been Mr. Richards opportunity over the past 25 years to commercialize new ideas, products, and technology for many educational institutions and companies.  This extensive background can be summarized into three main areas:

Commercialization of technologies and new ideas,
Leadership roles as COE […] Read more

5Nov 2012

Business Funding Video

Business Funding Video

Business Funding Video. This  video will provide an overview of the Business Funding Services offered by Excel Management Systems, Inc. Please Contact Us for more information or to ask any questions […] Read more