24Feb 2017

Business MBA – how to coach your employees

An effective coach uses the above traits to create a winning atmosphere

Business MBA  – how to coach your employees What are typical company goals? Almost all companies […] Read more

Core Values
21Feb 2017

Core Business Value Tools

Core Business Value Tools – When a Business Valuation is needed

Want to learn how to increase value in your company? It is important that you know when a business valuation is needed? Look at the following:

·      Merger/Acquisition

·      Financing Sale/Investment […] Read more

valuation errors
17Feb 2017

Common Valuation Errors

Internet Search – What is the correct Cost of Capital Number to Use?

Common Valuation Errors.  There are rules of thumb out there that give advice on what cost of capital or discount rate to use for a valuation present value calculation. A search on the internet […] Read more

summer internship
15Feb 2017
Feb 15, 2017

Connected – Internships for Teens

Connected – Internships for Teens

In a quote, by Mitch Kapor, he states “If we’re not creating an educated and skilled workforce, there is just no conceivable way that we’re going to be economically competitive.”

Teenagers face a number of challenges as they prepare to […] Read more

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12Feb 2017

Productivity Pyramid TM & Systems

Productivity Pyramid TM & Systems

Productivity Pyramid TM

The rule of thumb is if you lose an “A” performer, it takes you 3 years of salary to get them back. Having goals accountability and rewards for your team ensures that you keep […] Read more

Performance enhancement performance
3Feb 2017

Performance Enhancement Concepts

Performance Enhancement Concepts

The magic of turning supervisors from critics to coaches. Each month schedule one hour per employee to go over WAYS THAT YOU BOTH CAN HELP TO ACHIEVE THE EMPLOYEE’S GOALS.

What happens is the employee’s annual goals magically get completed in […] Read more

dale 80-20
30Jan 2017

Proactive vs. Reactive Customer Service

Elements to Increase Your Company Value: Strategically: Part II

Proactive vs. Reactive Customer Service

This blog is a continuation of the series on How to increase your business value with strategic concepts:

Strategic –Proactive vs. Reactive Customer Service

What is […] Read more

26Jan 2017

Employee Performance/Productivity Monthly Coaching

Author at Author – Book – Valuation Principles – How to Increase Value

Employee Performance/Productivity Monthly Coaching

Dreading those annual reviews? Looking for a better solution?

Most companies utilize an annual employee performance review or no review at all. Preparation for this review […] Read more

24Jan 2017
Jan 24, 2017

Examples: Business Valuation Theory

I have a number of people who have asked the question “How can a business valuation help me achieve a higher value?”

Examples: Business Valuation Theory

From my most recent book Business Valuation Principles, I include the following Examples: Read more

boy scouts
18Jan 2017
Jan 18, 2017

Boy Scouts – Leaders of Tomorrow

Boy Scouts – Leaders of Tomorrow, promoting community services and civic responsibility

There are certain times of year when as business owners we are approached to give from our resources to any number of charitable, and community events.

Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving […] Read more

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financial reporting dashboard
18Jan 2017

Financial Reporting Dashboard

Financial reporting and the use of performance metrics dashboards, do you know why you need them?

If you graph cash flow and its elements, such as, A/P, A/R, Inventory, capital expense, bank accounts, etc. for the last two years, it becomes much easier to project 12 […] Read more

13Jan 2017

Improve Value & Performance with a Business Valuation

When do you need a Valuation?

A few Valuation Basics: Improve Value & Performance with a Business Valuation

Improve Value & Performance with a Business Valuation.  Maybe you are new to the business world or never needed a business valuation until now […] Read more

11Jan 2017

80/20 Customer Gold Program – How much does it cost to obtain a new customer?

How much does it cost to obtain a new customer?

How can you use the 80/20 principle to PROACTIVELY increase your revenue by 10% – 200%?

First, you must find out who the top 20% of the customers are. Here is a simple explanation:

Take your customer sales […] Read more

29Dec 2016
Dec 29, 2016

Valuation Principles and How to Increase Value

Valuation Principles and How to Increase Value . Do you know which valuation method will help you to increase performance, revenue, profits and value?

7 ways to increase business revenue, profits and value
TOP SEVEN WAYS: (Commitment)
• Goals–Coaching-Accountability–Rewards
• Customer 80/20 – “Gold Program”
• A […] Read more

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reoccurring or recurring
27Dec 2016

Reoccurring or Recurring Revenue

Recurring or Reoccurring Revenue | This blog the first in a  series on How to increase your business value with strategic concepts:

Strategic –Recurring or Reoccurring Revenue – Part I
Reoccurring Revenue vs. One Time Sales

Reoccurring or Recurring revenue occurs when a company is able […] Read more

80-20 gold
23Dec 2016

Performance Improvement Customer 80-20 Gold Program TM

Performance Improvement Customer 80-20 Gold Program TM. How do you expand revenue with existing customers? My customer 80/20 techniques help to raise revenue 2X-4X. How? By proactively finding out what customer’s needs are, instead of waiting for them to call

Customer […] Read more

16Dec 2016
Dec 16, 2016

Keeping The Christmas Traditions Alive

Spread a little Christmas cheer around.  Keeping The Christmas Traditions Alive.

Each of us holds a different memory of what the spirit of Christmas means. The traditions we each hold are unique and as individual as the snowflakes that fall from the sky. Whether you say Merry Christmas […] Read more

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14Dec 2016

Productivity Pyramid increases profits/value

Excel Management’s Productivity Pyramid Training will help your company increase its productivity by 10% to 200%!

What are some typical Company Goals?

First, you cannot convince or force anyone to sell unless you are willing to pay very large sums above market price. However, you can make […] Read more

9Dec 2016
Dec 9, 2016

Contribution Margin Management Accounting

Most accounting software programs do not calculate the CM. Why is the CM so important?

Almost all businesses track REVENUE, COST OF GOODS or SERVICES with the resultant – GROSS MARGIN. However, there is a principle called VARIABLE COSTS that needs to be explained. A variable cost […] Read more

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recurring revenue
7Dec 2016

Recurring Revenue vs. One Time Sales – Performance Improvement

Recurring Revenue vs. One Time Sales – Performance Improvement

Understand the difference?

Reoccurring Revenue happens again, not necessarily repeatedly or regularly. Recurring happens repeatedly, sometimes at regular intervals.  

If you sell an asset try to sell a consumable product or maintenance contract along with the […] Read more