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21Aug 2018
Aug 21, 2018

Cash Flow – The Matrix

Monthly financial statements without a cash flow statement are not as effective. The standard cash flow statement will show the increases and decreases in cash of key metrics but only on a monthly snapshot basis.

Cash flow rolling historical and future projections can be a critically important tools for growth, seasonal or shrinking companies. Many companies have died in their growth because they did not track cash flow or the needed cash flow resources.

Valuation – Performance Metric (1:51:50)

Year-to-Date (YTD) financial statements are almost useless until the 4th quarter. Almost all financial software programs have YTD as their standard. A much more effective tool is a 12 month rolling history which can also be used to create a 12 month budget monitor.

Let that sink in. With a 12 month rolling metric any change in slope is significant because a current month replaces a past year month. Any change represents a change in the month’s activity rather than waiting for YTD to get to the 4th quarter.

Here are some other ways to increase the value of your company. I help companies develop the necessary matrix that gets them turned around and cash flow back on track.

cash flow- the matrix

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