Productivity Pyramid TM hand shake
26Nov 2018

Productivity Pyramid TM increases profits and value for companies

What are typical company goals? Almost all companies will say:

Increase Revenue
and Increase Net Income

These two goals are universally mentioned as the typical company goals.

One hundred percent of companies have a revenue goal. Most have a net income goal that is usually only […] Read more

cash flow
21Aug 2018

Cash Flow – The Matrix

Monthly financial statements without a cash flow statement are not as effective. The standard cash flow statement will show the increases and decreases in cash of key metrics but only on a monthly snapshot basis.

Cash flow rolling historical and future projections can be a critically important tools […] Read more

convert to tribal
27Apr 2017
Apr 27, 2017

Building Systems to Capture Tribal Knowledge

Management Team: Tribal Knowledge vs. Systems

Management team:

They are important as long as we go to the next step which is Scalable. Scalable means you can take your system and it can be duplicated in other cities or other areas. You’ve got a system […] Read more

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22Aug 2015
Aug 22, 2015

Dale Spoke to CEOs near Niagara Falls in Hamilton, Canada – Business Valuation Principles

Dale Richards spoke to a group of executives near Niagara Falls, in Hamilton, Canada. They commented on things they learned from the Presentation Section on Valuation Principles.
A. “Get YOUR correct Present Value Factor (PFF) or Cost of Capital (CofC) otherwise you can make LARGE […] Read more

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4Mar 2015
Mar 4, 2015



Honolulu, Hawaii: 2/25/15

Great presentation with great energy
One of the best speakers we’ve had.
This is one speaker we could have spent the whole day with.

Scottsdale, AZ:  2/18/15

Great […] Read more

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31Oct 2012
Oct 31, 2012

Client Comments

See some of the things that our clients have to say about us […] Read more

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