22Aug 2015
Aug 22, 2015

Dale Spoke to CEOs near Niagara Falls in Hamilton, Canada – Business Valuation Principles

Dale Richards spoke to a group of executives near Niagara Falls, in Hamilton, Canada. They commented on things they learned from the Presentation Section on Valuation Principles.
A. “Get YOUR correct Present Value Factor (PFF) or Cost of Capital (CofC) otherwise you can make LARGE errors in your Business Valuation Calculations”.
B. “Your CofC or PFF is NOT your bank loan interest rate”.
C. “A 10% error in PFF or CofC can create up to a 22% error in the calculation value”.
D. “Your company RISK is really your PFF or CofC.”
E. “Your overall RISK is made up of 5-6 elements.”
F. “There are three main valuation methods – BUT do not just take three, find a certified professional that will provide you 5-8 calculations because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and Dale’s presentation provide a high level in knowledge.”
G. “Great energy and presentation”

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