Edible Leftover Food Waste
28Aug 2018
Aug 28, 2018

Edible Leftover Food Waste

Edible Leftover Food Waste.  Yearly tons of food is wasted. Good food, not spoiled or rotten food. Food manufacturers produce billions of pounds of food waste yearly. It is noted that a large percentage of this waste is repurposed for fertilizers and animal feed, biofuels and compost.

Some sustainable businesses do donate their discontinued safe food that is not sellable to those in need. But organizations who would help to distribute the donations are minimal, as is storage. Most manufacturers have limited recycling facilities near them, and the cost of transportation is high, not to mention the liability concerns.

Edible food getting into the right hands is the ultimate goal. Edible food that costs you less but is still of good quality. Maybe it looks a little funny, but it’s perfectly edible. On their website, World Economic Forum an article by Jorgen Fischer talks about “Appetite for destruction: to save the planet, we must fight food waste”. It makes you reflect – it really is up to all of us to be frugal in our handling of food and water on this planet.


  • According to the sustainability charity Wrap, efforts to reduce edible waste have done nothing to decrease the estimated 10 million tons of food that have been binned every year since 2012. That’s enough loaves of bread almost to fill Wembley Stadium; enough milk to fill 230 Olympic-sized swimming pools; and the weight of 365 blue whales in bananas alone. Food waste within homes accounted for more than 70% of this. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-42775956

Putting things into perspective. Food waste begins with all of us. If we train our children on the responsibility we each have to protect our food sources, we change a generation. Check out some recycling projects, some may even be in your area.



Thirty percent of our food that we grow is wasted. Restaurants, farms, grocery stores, fast food. That’s something to think about. It starts with each person taking a stand.


EDIBLE food getting into the right hands is the ultimate goal. Edible food that costs you less but is still of good quality.


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