Employee Coaching Accountability and Rewards -Not Annual Critic
15Aug 2018

Employee Coaching Accountability and Rewards -Not Annual Critic

Employee Coaching Accountability and Rewards -Not Annual Critic.  Most companies utilize an annual employee performance review or no review at all. Preparation for this review is tedious and not very enjoyable. One must think back on the year and remember the good and bad employee performance elements. This process is painful. The ultimate outcome has many flaws:

·        The performance review is not timely

·        Very little productivity change occurs

·        Employees only see this has a salary increase session

·        The review is difficult to prepare

·        The reviewer is often viewed as a CRITIC

Have you ever had a good COACH? This often occurs on an athletic team.

What are the characteristics of a GOOD COACH?

·        Encouragement

·        Teach and help improve skills

·        Immediate feedback

·        Patient

·        Knowledgeable

·        Encourage teamwork

·        Seek for excellence

Consider these very important elements of a good coach and if the process is followed, employee productivity will increase 400% to 1,000%.

 Employee Retention – Recruitment: Lower Expenses

The rule of thumb is if you lose an “A” performer, it takes you 3 years of salary to get them back. Having goals accountability and rewards for your team ensures that you keep your “A” performers because it’s a huge expense to get another one back.

Dale Richards, 3-day Optimization Solutions, Rhode Island, solved LT problem for Shannon Motors and Jarrod Toledo, the General Sales Manager. He has struggled with recruiting and Dale facilitated with the team and created a step-by-step methodology to solve this recruiting problem. The team over the last two days have learned key business concepts from Dale Richards’ presentation on Business Valuation Principles – How to Increase Your Business Value, Financially, Operational and Strategically.

Learn more about Business Valuation Principles by Dale S Richards http://a.co/cVsYyNNhttps://successbiznow.com/books/business-valuation-principles-by-dale-richards/



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