10Nov 2020
Nov 10, 2020

Exit Your Way Business – Round Table

Are you looking for ideas and tips to help you get the upper edge in your business? The Exit Your Way® Business Round Table Live Streams feature professionals sharing information about business, leadership, and life. They live stream to Facebook and LinkedIn pages most Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3 pm Pacific. All episodes are also uploaded to YouTube.

Register for one of their Round Table events here: Register Here!

The Exit Your Way® Business Round Table started with a desire to help others by sharing information about the business, leadership, and life.  Check out one of their sessions below.

The Value of Company Culture

Listen in to Jason and Mary Sturgeon talk about their construction business Arcade Wayfinding. This husband-wife dynamic duo is not new to this field; in fact, they have been associated with it for a long time and according to them they ‘speak’ construction. It took them years to do so, but they haven’t left any stone unturned on their way.

With each event, they offer networking before and after the presentation.

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