14Sep 2020
Sep 14, 2020

Exit Your Way’s Online Business Round Tables Providing Networking and Timely Information

Looking for information that will help your business? Got Networking questions?

Exit Your Way® provides a structured process and skilled resources to grow business value and allow business owners to leave with 2X+ more money when they are ready.

Exit Your Way® Business Round Tables provides information about business, leadership, and life. They provide individual podcast episodes, and live stream events each week on Thursday’s at 8 am Pacific time. We welcome your input and feedback on future topics.

Exit Your Way round tables help develop a networking strategy that will help you succeed!

Would you like to better understand how to plan and execute a networking strategy?

Exit Your Way dedicates one session per month to professional networking. Events open at 7:30 and networking goes from 8-9. Check out one of their Professional Networking online events below, and registration for future Exit Your Way Round Table event here: Register 

Invite other professionals who would benefit from meeting others in the group.

This Business Round Table by Exit Your Way® topic was “Professional Networking”. Damon Pistulka, and  Andrew Cross featured the Alon Zaibert giving an introduction on some tips to start an emotionally relevant conversation. The event continued with several timed rounds of networking where participants were given specific questions so they could share answers with their respective tables and learn more about each other.

You can find more information about Exit Your Way® on their process and team pages.

Talk to an organizers on LinkedIn: Exit Your Way®  Damon Pistulka | Andrew Cross | Jonny Kingman | Ira Bowman

Exit Your Way® provides a structured process and skilled resources to increase business value 2X+ and get businesses sold. Contact Exit Your Way

833-biz-exit (833-249-3948)

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