12Aug 2020
Aug 12, 2020

Improving Memory Power | A 3-Step Technique

Do you need to build a better memory and enhance recall?

Do you need to remember more? 

A 3-step technique for improving memory power

[By Vistage speaker Scott Bornstein] Scott Bornstein is a Vistage speaker, #memory expert and business author who is world renowned for his brain-changing memory systems.

Bornstein addresses the impact of feeling overwhelmed. Gathering information processing and retaining that information is difficult when you have too much going on inside your mind. Organizing your thoughts, and giving them space in your mind helps you learn deep and fast to achieve the recall you need to be successful.

Bornstein walks you through three steps to begin to sharpen your memory. #CEOs can “implement these steps to improve memory and better retain information that impacts key relationships and business-critical knowledge”.

Check out Bornstein’s 3-step technique for improving memory power


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