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3Feb 2017

Performance Enhancement Concepts

Performance Enhancement Concepts

The magic of turning supervisors from critics to coaches. Each month schedule one hour per employee to go over WAYS THAT YOU BOTH CAN HELP TO ACHIEVE THE EMPLOYEE’S GOALS.

What happens is the employee’s annual goals magically get completed in two – three months. Then more goals are given and both help to achieve. This happens over and over to raise productivity by four to ten times.

Try to incorporate all of the characteristics used in my last article for a good coach. Employee Performance/Productivity Monthly Coaching Dreading those annual reviews? Looking for a better solution? Productivity Pyramid TM Annual Employee Reviews – Why They Don’t Work – And What You Can Do.


One way to track the progress of the productivity increase is to create the Productivity Metric. Track monthly by department, division, and company. Go back three to five years and see what is was before and then continue tracking the goals – coaching – accountability – reward system is implemented




FTE = Full-time employee equivalent (Part-time employees are summed together to an equivalent full-time status, i.e. 4 10hr/wk employee = 1 FTE

It is essential that supervisors be taught how to be good coaches. The natural tendency of people is to focus on the negative instead of the positive. For a person to have high self-esteem, they need 3-4 positive comments to every 1 negative. Our society is mostly based upon negative “constructive criticism.” This negative methodology results in poorer performance and individual loss of self-worth.

When criticism is needed, use a technique such as the “Sandwich” principle: Two positive comments sandwiching the constructive thought. Also, a good coach using “Active Listening” techniques. This means that “listening” is more important than “telling” or “suggesting.” Especially at first; gather the facts, listen to understand the situation BEFORE suggestions are given. Work as a team to suggest and improve performance. This must be trained and practiced.

If this: Goals – Coaching – Accountability – Reward system is implemented employee productivity and company profits will soar.

Performance enhancement concepts from Dale Richards presentation

Dale’s presentation on Business Valuation Principles – How to Increase Your Business Value, Financially, Operational and Strategically was greatly appreciated by Dean Webb, Boynton Beach, FL. He said that Dale would be a great speaker for any company with immediate takeaway action to improve performance 200%.

Learn more about Business Valuation Principles by Dale S Richards

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