22Jun 2021
Jun 22, 2021

Post-pandemic reality – Fiscal Health – Strategic financial insights

How important is your fiscal health?

This week’s TIP OF WEEK comes from Mary Ellen Sheehy. In her article Fiscal Health: Strategic financial insights for the post-pandemic reality Mary Ellen Sheehy, Senior Vice President of Member Programs and Alliances of Vistage, had this to say about the Fiscal Health Conference held this year. Fiscal Health challenged Vistage members to “Stop protecting the past, and start inventing the future. (And do it faster than the competition.)”

“Stop protecting the past, and start inventing the future (And do it faster than the competition)”

Sheehy reflected on the key learnings from keynote Geoff Colvin, Senior Editor-at-Large of Fortune. Geoff summed it up pretty well in his statement “Someone is going to win – why shouldn’t it be you?

Someone is going to win — why shouldn’t it be you?

Geoff presented a number of directives aimed at helping attendees grasp the new reality we all find ourselves in. His six directives were full of sound advice. He also asked the question “What is your number one priority, right now?”

Sheehy also captured the comments from keynote speaker Karen Gordon Mills, Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School and Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Association. Karen had this to say to the group:

“Ask yourself the tough questions, and do the work to answer them,” she concluded. “That marks the difference between a successful and difficult outcome”

Karen provided attendees with three major action items. Through these action items, she was both encouraging and reaffirming in helping attendees start to formulate the need for solid planning, and having a support system for future goals.

“You are the path to the American Dream”

Great read, full of informative directives and strong action items, to help business leaders regain their momentum and set their path toward their own American Dream!

To the article: Fiscal Health: Strategic financial insights for the post-pandemic reality



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