14Dec 2016

Productivity Pyramid increases profits/value

Excel Management’s Productivity Pyramid Training will help your company increase its productivity by 10% to 200%!

What are some typical Company Goals?

First, you cannot convince or force anyone to sell unless you are willing to pay very large sums above market price. However, you can make offers to competitor’s people resources to invite them to come join you. You should have and use the Productivity PyramidTM.

A productivity improvement program (“Productivity PyramidTM”) with a pay for performance program where there are company and employee goals with monthly coaching sessions should be implemented. This method can raise a company productivity by over 400%.

What are some typical Company Goals? One hundred percent of companies have a revenue goal. Most have a net income goal that is usually only known by upper management. But what other company activities should be company goals?

• Customer Retention

• Specific Area Expense Containment Or Reduction

• Production Volume (Must have a quality goal too)

• Quality

• Timely Delivery

• Growth

• Account Receivable Collection Time

• Employee turnover

• New Product Development

• Customer Satisfaction

These are examples of what COULD be company goals.

The next step is to ask your department heads what their department can do specifically, quantifiable and with timelines to accomplish the goals pertaining to the department.

Next, each employee is asked to develop (with the help and guidance of their supervisor) six – eight goals with one as a personal goal (such as losing weight, gym workouts, read books, visit shut-ins, etc.)

  • Productivity Pyramid increases profits and value for companies.

Now the magic of turning supervisors from critics to coaches. Each month schedule one hour per employee to go over WAYS THAT YOU BOTH CAN HELP TO ACHIEVE THE EMPLOYEE’S GOALS. Try incorporating all of the characteristics shown above for a good coach.

What happens is the employee’s annual goals magically get completed in two – three months. Then more goals are given and both help to achieve. This happens over and over to raise productivity by four to ten times.

  • Productivity Pyramid Training TM

Productivity Pyramid increases profits/value. Marsh agrees. Learned from Dale Richards’ Presentation

Marsh, Austin Texas, agrees he learned from Dale Richards’ Valuation Presentation and he learned key performance improvement business concepts. from the presentation on Business Valuation Principles – How to Increase Your Business Value, Financially, Operational and Strategically.



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