24Apr 2017

Productivity PyramidTM- Goals – Coaching- Accountability – Rewards

Productivity PyramidTM- Goals – Coaching- Accountability – Rewards

This blog is a continuation of How to increase your business value with strategic concepts: Productivity PyramidTM .- Goals – Coaching- Accountability – Rewards

What are typical company goals? Almost all companies will say

  • 1 Increase Revenue
  • 2 and Increase Net Income

These two goals are universally mentioned as the typical company goals.

Let’s think out of the box. What other goals could a company have? Here are some ideas:

  1. Customer Satisfaction
  2. Employee Engagement
  3. Employee Satisfaction
  4. Safety
  5. Quality
  6. On-time Delivery
  7. Increase Market Share
  8. Understand Competition
  9. Innovation
  10. Proactive Customer Service
  11. Culture
  12. Systems & Processes

Is it true that you could assign each of the above goals to a department? Yes, and specific goals require the goal setting rule of the 3-W’s: WHAT, WHO and WHEN.

We have now built the first two levels of the Productivity PyramidTM

Please list the characteristics of a good coach or mentor? Some ideas include:

  • * Inspiring
  • * Vision
  • * Active Listener
  • * Patience
  • * Knowledgeable
  • * Coordinate Skills
  • * Motivate
  • * Teach Skills
  • * Immediate Feedback
  • * Build Confidence
  • * Trust
  • * Good Communicator

Executives typically use” top down” communication instead of bottom up coaching and listening. Good coaches engage the participant to bring forth ideas and ways to improve their position activities and skills. In a bottom up coaching sessions skills are discussed and trained. An effective coach use the above traits to create a winning atmosphere and team culture that will produce superior results.

The next level of the pyramid is with the EMPLOYEE.

A supervisor/manager/executive should brainstorm with each employee for ideas on how to improve their job, effectiveness and productivity, rather than a top down mandate for performance improvement. If an employee is engaged in the process, the probability of success goes up significantly.


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