23Mar 2021

Rebalancing and the need for mergers and acquisitions

Do you have a rebalancing plan to help get your business moving forward as our economy starts to open back up? Is a merger or acquisition in your future?

As business strategists, we have borne witness to clients who sold too early and others who sold too late ~Marc EmmerThis week’s TIP OF WEEK comes from Marc Emmer. Marc is President of Optimize Inc., a management consulting firm specializing in strategic planning. Emmer is a sixteen-year Vistage member and a Vistage speaker.

Marc touches on a number of key points that are both current and relevant to what many business owners should be considering.

  • The US Mergers and Acquisitions Market Index
  • Median EV/EBITDA
  • Sector Performance example
  • Understand the underlying consolidation in your industry.
  • Use acquisitions to reposition in markets.
  • and more.

Pay the price; the right advisors are worth their weight in gold.Emmer mentions the importance of understanding how different business combinations can help to reframe your industry. Also, the use of acquisitions is another means to lessen the consolidation risk in both customers or sectors.

Noted in his article, 2021 M&A trends: Reshuffling the deck, Marc suggests taking advantage of those opportunities ahead, and to be ready for emerging talent that will help drive future M&A activity.



Dale S. Richards specializes in management, marketing, operation optimization & business valuation consulting and is a 30+ year turnaround expert. He has implemented success concepts into results in 150+ companies. Dale is a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) with NACVA, Eight-Year Vistage Chair & International Speaker. Visit www.successbiznow.com to learn more about Dale.

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