17Nov 2020
Nov 17, 2020

Remote workers your weakest link – Cyber risk exposed

Is your business prepared for a cyber attack? 

A very good tip of the week, and one that businesses need to be focusing on to mitigate risk. Cyber risk exposes your weakest link: the remote worker By Joe Galvin. Joe Galvin is the Chief Research Officer for Vistage Worldwide.

” In a COVID-19 world, cybersecurity has become even more critical as suddenly remote workers test the IT infrastructure and unintentionally expose themselves to cybercriminals”.

According to research presented by Galvin, remote workers on their own networks are at greater risk due to cybercriminals. More companies are implementing cybersecurity plans, up 46 % in 2019 from only 38% in 2017. In the survey presented, roughly 32% of CEOs stated that over the last 12 months they had been a victim of a cyber attack.

You’ll want to read up on Galvin’s comments regarding Addressing the weakest link, and Mitigating risk from the remote workforce.

Centralized IT efforts to help safeguard systems, reinforced cyber training awareness, along with important password protocols, and more should be added to help safeguard systems. Ransomware attacks can devastate a business, so potentially adding cyber insurance is another option.

Cyber risk exposes your weakest link: the remote worker is a good read and timely.

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