4Mar 2015
Mar 4, 2015



Honolulu, Hawaii: 2/25/15

  • Great presentation with great energy
  • One of the best speakers we’ve had.
  • This is one speaker we could have spent the whole day with.

Scottsdale, AZ:  2/18/15

  • Great presentation…I would not mind a full day to dig deeper. Thanks!
  • Thank you Dale. That was one of the most informative sessions I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. I can’t even imagine the impact you would have with two working arms.

Louisville, KY:  2/12/15

  • Great multiple take a-ways. Dale I really appreciated the sacrifice you made to travel to our location. Great content and the group had multiple take aways. Michael
  • Great speaker! Very eye opening on company value

Columbus, OH:  1/21/15

  • Worthwhile and relevant. Enjoyed!

Philadelphia, PA:  1/14/15

  • Dale was a fantastic speaker and I enjoyed his presentation today. There are a few things that I have gained from his presentation and I will be sharing them with the owner of my company.

Fort Lauderdale, FL:  11/13/14

  • Awesome. Best one of the year with a lot of take home value to work on. One of our best speakers in 18 years.

Scottsdale, AZ:  10/9/14

  • It was great information and timely.
  • Very challenged by the speaker to get my act in gear. Lots of to do list items. Very good presentation…

 Denver, CO:  9/17/14

  • He was one of the best speakers I have ever seen. His info was relevant and he did a great job of making the presentation interactive. Highly recommended.
  • Really enjoyed the presentation.

Fairfield, CT:  9/4/14

  • A lot of great information
  • So valuable – no pun intended!

Ontario, CA:  7/14/14

  • Great information presented. Will definitely be useful in my daily business operations.
  • I think he and his subject matter were very good. Extremely knowledgeable!!! Highly recommend him for any group!!
  • Mr Richards provided extremely relevant information to the group. He provided really detailed information that will be useful for the Vistage members. He was able to address concerns that I had regarding the topic discussed and his info has already been proven to be insightful and useful immediately after the meeting. He comes with high recommendation.

Whitefish, MT:  610/14

  • I wish we had an entire day with Dale. He had a great deal of useful information to deliver in a short period of time. More detail on some items; could have used all day for this speaker!

Houston, TX:  4/10/14

  • Very good. Condensed version of a topic that is huge. Some of the formulas cost of acquisition would be great in material. Enjoyed and will apply learning with enthusiasm. Loved your energy.
  • Great knowledge.
  • Highly enjoyed, “what my business is worth” is a key question we all have. It is confusing to determine. Dale brought clarity to the topic and provided great feedback on how to get the maximum value.

Elkhorn, NE:  3/11/14

  • Very nice presentation-content-idea generation.
  • Very relevant speaker. I got a lot of take aways that I will use.
  • I enjoyed the participation/interactive nature of the presentation.
  • Well done!
  • Very interactive! Great energy/presentation style!
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