29Dec 2012

Specific Area Consulting Services

Specific Area Consulting Services. It has been Mr. Richards opportunity over the past 25 years to commercialize new ideas, products, and technology for many educational institutions and companies.  This extensive background can be summarized into three main areas:

  1. Commercialization of technologies and new ideas,
  2. Leadership roles as COE/President/Board Chairman/Board Member or Founder for new companies or the optimization of existing companies, and
  3. Develop a business strategy, business plan, secure funding or value for companies, business valuation services.

The summary tables presented below show Dale S. Richards’ commercialization consulting experience in many industry application areas.  Mr. Richards has been a key commercialization consultant for the State Centers of Excellence since its inception.  He has assisted with the startup of sixteen new Utah companies and consulted with many companies on operations in a broad array of technologies.  He is well known in the community for his ability to successfully commercialize multiple technology applications as one time.  His Center PI’s have requested his assistance under the new COE Program because of his excellence performance and rapport with the PI’s and their teams.

Commercialization of Technology and New Ideas – Industry Areas of Experience

Technology AreaResultTechnology AreaResult
Acoustic cooling-energy conversionInPrMeat processing improvementLicEx
Agriculture –New seed strainsLicExMineral visualization/simulationLicSU
Artificial – 4th generation heartLicSU-CONMineral extraction methodsLicSU-CON
BioremediationLicSU-CONModified activated carbonLicSU
Biology-TransgenicsLicSU-ExOfNanosize particle formationLicSU
Human cell signalingLicSUNeural Interfaces-Artificial sightLicSU-CON
Chemical separation methodsLicExOil Extraction innovative equipCON
Coal ProcessingLicExParticle size analysisLicEx
Computer computational powerLicEx-CONPetroleum simulants & reservoir sim.LiSU
Computer circuitry design methodsLicExRaman InstrumentationLicEx
Compression TechnologyCON, ValuRapid PrototypingLicSU-CON
Construction methods/analysis mat’lsLicSUSmall satellite technologiesLicSU-ExOf
DNA testingLicCon-ExOfScientific computing-visualsLicSU
Digital controlsLicSU-CONUnmanned air vehiclesLicSU-InPr
Fuel cell membranesLicSUVisualizations: Medical5Lic:2SU,3Ex
Genetic improvement in livestockLicExVisualization: SecurityLicSU-InPr-CON
Genome research/methodsLicExWine testing and analysisLicSU
Isotruss structuresLicSU-CONWireless multi-antennasLicSU


Key for Success notation above:

LicSU = License to and assisted in startup companyLicEx = License to existing company
ExOf = Executive Officer in licensee companyCON = Consultant to spin off company
InPr = In the process of commercializationVal = Valuation services

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