May 4, 2016

Michelle Hofstetter, NY, Dale provided valuation of a target company in record time

Valuation of a target company

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When looking to acquire another organization in our industry, it was important for us to find the right vendor to provide a valuation of the target company. We needed the valuation done in a short amount of time, and needed the vendor to have industry knowledge and experience. Of course,we wanted all of this for the best price, and that’s exactly what we got from Excel Management Systems.

Dale replied to our inquiry in record time and told us exactly what he needed from us to get the job done. He understood our needs and turned around a high-quality report in record time for a low cost. It was a huge help for us to have the report done so quickly as we were able to move forward with our acquisition plans with the valuation behind us.

I highly recommend Excel Management Systems for your business valuation needs! You will not be disappointed.

Michelle Hofstetter, CPA, CGMA
AKA Enterprise Solutions