21Jun 2018
Jun 21, 2018

The Humanitarian Volunteer Is You!

Business trips can be long, and sometimes boring. You can only sightsee so much along the way before you catch yourself hibernating in your motel room. Turn your business destinations into a volunteer rendezvous with your colleagues, and see the world as you would have it. Volunteer to put to task those skills you don’t get to use to often. Maybe you can build or paint, or have a knack for digging ditches, or handing out food. Maybe you are a teacher! Whatever your hidden volunteer talents are, they are in high demand.

Get with some of your pals in the office and book your flights around an upcoming or ongoing charity operation that not only helps others in need, but helps instill a true spirit of camaraderie for you and your colleagues.

There are organizations that go the distance in helping to organize business volunteer activities. Organizations like:

  • Go OverSeas encourages traveling with a buddy and experiencing a host of business volunteer programs
  • Volunteer Forever has there own list of 2018 – 2019 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs
  • United Planet offers volunteer abroad opportunities in 27 countries, maybe your business destination is on their list
  • GoEco Work on a worthy cause, and learn about the people and communities you invest your time in
  • Elevate Destinations “Volunteer Vacation” more your style? Explore learning and helping within a community for a few days or a week

Fly all over the world, do your business dealings, see the sights, meet and help others who might not have the benefits that you do. It’s not a guilt trip! It’s a fun trip! A trip where you help someone and in return they help you learn about culture, community, and being responsible for what you do with your time, your special skills, and your money. Some might even call it, paying it forward.

It is still okay to give money. Without financial giving, a lot of charities would not be able to go into some of the most impoverished and devastated areas of the world. By all means, give – it’s a good thing! But if you really want to see your money at work, fly there. Take an office colleague or two with you. Experience hands-on-giving.

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