12May 2020
May 12, 2020

TIP OF THE WEEK: Three Keys To Creating A Business Someone Will Buy

Can you name 3 things you can do to drastically increase your chances of creating a business someone will buy?  Worried you will get hit with the fact that while you have built a business that has value, the value is low, it is not ready to sell, or worse not saleable?

This week’s tip of the week comes from EXIT YOUR WAY. Knowing your business value, knowing your buyer, and understanding your risk/return are three keys to create an exit or business sale that you will be satisfied with.

Exit your way goes over the three keys to creating a business some will buy. They discuss:

One, Know Your Value

Your business value is THE most important factor you can understand in selling a business. It is the largest reason deals don’t get done.

Two, Know your Buyer

Creating a business that has investment value is much like creating a product or service that a customer wants to buy. You need to understand your buyer very well, their expectations, and their requirements.

Three, Know Your Risk & Return

Put yourself in the buyer’s position. A buyer is focused on making a good investment. Reducing the risks with your business is a key to creating a business someone will buy.

Business Return

Buyers are evaluating the returns have your business like reviewing the returns of a stock.

Three Keys To Creating A Business Someone Will Buy

Know your value, know your buyer, and know that your risk and return are appropriate for the investment.


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