14Apr 2020
Apr 14, 2020

Tip of the Week – Video Interview with Damon Pistulka – Exit Your Way

For this week’s tip we’ll take a look at the Exit Your Way program, and hear an interview with Damon Pistulka. Business Connect (Warren Research Inc) caught up with Pistulka. Listen and learn as Damon breaks down the basis of what Exit Your Way is, and how it can help your business prepare for a successful exit.

Pistulka discusses the need for developing relationships with his business clients. Businesses who are looking to exit in 3 to 5 years – long term. Short terms at 1 year.

At Exit Your Way, they come in and help you develop your team and leadership skills. They understand that value increases propositions. They are there to help get your business launching, and assist with coaching and execution work.

Damon notes “that most business owners don’t understand that it’s a hard process to exit, and there is a low success rate. However, at Exit Your Way, we have a high success rate. While most business owners know what to do, they are slammed by a 10,000 things a day. But if they are approaching exit, too many things are a significant barrier toward that exit. Businesses need to seek a profession valuation for their business; fix as many things as they can, and grow sales and profitability, while developing a long term approach. Then you will be able to attract buyers – with future value for your company”.

Damon give 3 tips: 

1. Talk with a financial adviser

2. Figure out what you need to sell, or retire on. know what that number is

3. Know what your business is worth today – Exit Your Way helps to bridge that gap

Make sure to reach out to Damon on LinkedIn:




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