13Jan 2020
Jan 13, 2020

TIP OF THE WEEK – Wait Where Did Our New Hire Go

Do you ever wonder what you would say to an employer if you had to back out of a job offer? Have you ever had an employee renege on a job offer, and walk away without even an explanation?

Sue Shellenbarger a Columnist for The Wall Street Journal provides some thoughtful solutions into common dilemmas people face at work and at home. In her article Wait, Where Did Our New Hire Go, Sue looks at how job seekers are juggling multiple offers at once; creating sticky situations for all involved. How well candidates manage job offers can shape their long-term career satisfaction and their professional reputations. When getting multiple interview offers from different companies, it can be slightly overwhelming. However, it’s important that the individual attends as many of these interviews as they can to help them make their decision about which company they want to work for. A lot of interviews will be different to others, and some employers may even require a background screening before they can employ someone new. Background screenings could include multiple things, but most screenings will include a drug test to make sure that this employee is reliable and safe to have around the company. Some companies won’t require this, but others will. It’s important for the individual to go with the company that they feel most comfortable at. Be sure to follow your heart.

An abrupt change of heart after saying yes to a job can have career repercussions years later

Shellenbarger offers her readers a thoughtful list of do’s and don’ts when interviewing with more than one employer. She combines this list along with a number of comments from real-life jilted employers who have felt the sting that comes from ghosting and reneging employees.

“This is the generation that breaks up by text message, so in a professional context, to have to let someone down or give bad news was terrifying”.

If you believe another offer is imminent, consider moving things along by calling a potential boss to say, “No pressure, but I want to be honest with you. I have an offer on the table,”

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