27Oct 2014

Tips To Pick the Right Valuation Service Provider

Tips To Pick the Right Valuation Service Provider

Knowing how to pick the right valuation service provider can be difficult depending on the type of business and the company that is chosen to handle this transaction.  There are many valuation service providers who claim to know what they are doing, but they are not licensed or certified and rely on a business owner’s lack of knowledge to make their own small bit of knowledge appear as brilliance.  That is why it is important to know how to evaluate business valuation services before hiring one.

Consider the company’s reputation.  It is easy enough to do a search of reviews for the company but you cannot always rely completely on this type of information.  However, a search on a company should also come back with a return that will show their presence online.  Companies that have nothing to hide will be listed in business directories that will include an address and phone number.  The Better Business Bureau is also a great place to seek information on a business valuation company.  Any claims against the company will be listed along with compliments.

Is this company well versed in how to actually complete a proper valuation?  There are several ways to do a business valuation.  Businesses that provide business valuation services will be able to describe the methods used and discuss the methods that work best with a particular business.  For instance, does the business think that a market approach, income formula, or asset formula will provide the most accurate results for the company seeking the valuation?  How well are these methods and the reasoning behind them explained?

Check references.  There is more than one way to check references.  The companies can be contacted directly, but their activities can also be tracked.  Look up the company through the stock market if it is listed.  Another option is to use a search engine to follow the history of the company and the sales of any companies associated with the business valuation company.  This can be a quick way to determine the effectiveness of a certain company.



4 responses on “Tips To Pick the Right Valuation Service Provider

  1. Great article on valuations! I definitely agree that a company’s reputation will be a major determiner in the value of the company as a whole. I’m sure there are many people out there that have no idea how to business valuations so I’m glad this article will help!

  2. It really helped when you mentioned how you can check with the BBB when looking for a company that can valuate yours. I can see that taking the time to do a proper research can help you find reviews and ratings so you hire a reputable valuation firm. Personally, I would want to shop around and compare the companies that know how to work with the type of services I need.

  3. Marcus 8/4/17

    Thank you for the comment on our website.
    Good luck in your search and if we can help please let me know.

    Have a good weekend.

  4. Thanks Jack for your comment.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

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