16May 2017
May 16, 2017

Volunteering – Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone

Volunteering – Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone

There is something that is self satisfying about volunteering. It makes you feel good inside. Giving back to a cause that allows one to experience the process of giving “hands on”, it’s rewarding in itself.

What you gain when you volunteer.

Networking and friendships. 

Volunteering helps you expand your commitment with other likeminded people. Long term friendships are gained, and a stronger commitment to a common cause is built.

Personally fulfilling

There is something that is rewarding on a personal level when you open up your heart to volunteering. What you do matters, and can have a lasting impact. It is both satisfying and enjoyable in the humanitarian sense. Working with projects like Prevent Child Abuse, Relay for Life, or Hope for the Warriors, is rewarding. The Hope for Warriors Project was founded in 2006 by military wives who witnessed first-hand the effects of war on spouses and their families.

Education & Training

Volunteering helps enhances the role of a caring community. Giving those less fortunate the opportunity to know that resources exist, and understanding that they too have value is important. They have a place in society. Giving helps enhances more giving.

Giving out of your own need is the best medicine of al

Volunteer opportunities help people learn about themselves. You are working outside the box, outside your comfort zone, and allowing new experiences to help mold a better you. For example, when a construction worker attends a Humane Society Animal Adoption Day, and that person will walk away with a better understanding of the benefits of owning a pet, and how those special animals make people feel. Pets can change the way someone reacts to stressors, just by petting them.

Blood pressure goes down

If you are interested in volunteering in your community, you can look into contacting any number of the local non-profits and humanitarian organizations within your community.

Your Rotarians and Chamber of Commerce memberships also have a number of community sponsored giving programs. Take the step today!  Volunteering is a great way to help others, and gain an emotionally balance within yourself as well.

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