390 billion in giving
13Mar 2018
Mar 13, 2018

390 Billion in Charity – Where did all this come from

The US population over the last 60 years has doubled, and our standard of living has grown with it. Giving in this country could be calculated at 2% of our GDP. That is a fairly good size chunk of change.  390 Billion in Charity – Where did all this come from?

It’s important to pick the charity that fits your idea of giving. Something that gives you a sense of having done something good for your neighbor, your fellow man/woman, or your community. When you donate, check with the sponsors to see what the greatest need is. Do they need money, food, water, clothing, or just your time?

According to N|P Source, 69% of the general charitable population gives some form of charity. Last fiscal year approximately 390 billion dollars went to charity. Americans like to give, and they are generous in that giving.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted ~Aesop

Where did all this charitable giving come from? Giving USA breaks it down into four major categories. Individuals 72% | Foundations 15% | Corporations 5% | Bequest 8%

Giving USA

While money is one area where giving can be tracked with non-profits, individual giving of time and materials goes beyond any tracking system. American’s love to give, and they do it willingly. Aside from corporate giving, the religiosity of conservatives plays a big part in our countries giving, they rank much higher in their charitable behaviors.

Looking for some Creative Ways to Give? Check out the list below:

*Buy a cell phone and talk-time for a soldier | Give A Gift To A Child With A Deployed Parent

*Donate frequent flyer miles you have accumulated to help a needy family | Donate your credit card rewards points.

*Donate your vehicle to charity | Financially Struggling Families need help with utilities and decent clothing

*Give A Gift To A Child In A Youth Corrections Facility | Give A Gift To A Homeless Kid

*Give a pair of glasses when you buy two for one | Give a pair of shoes when you buy two for one

*Give to a random fund (or adoption fund ) | Give to St. Judes Hospital for children

*Give to your local food bank | Help a child with a cleft lip at Operation Smile.

There are many families in America who may not be homeless or starving, but they’re struggling. Help with a month or two on their mortgage or utilities. This might be what it takes to get them back on their feet during the winter months.

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another ~Charles Dickens


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The Federal Trade Commission has some ways to tell if a charity is legit

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