Business FundingEquity Funding

Business Funding. Dale Richards has mentored over 100 companies for successful fundraising events, as a partner with the Wayne Brown Institute headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. These companies have raised over a billion dollars. The keys to a successful merchant funding event are:

  1. Concise one-page business FACT sheet
  2. Easily understandable business plan
  3. Succinct ten-minute presentation
  4. Understanding of the fundraising process

Independent Stock Market

Independent Stock Market provides business owners the benefits of a public offering while reducing the expense and other challenges of the traditional stock markets. If your company has been in business more than two years and is worth more than $2.5 million, and you would like to have access to the benefits that come with liquid stock, please contact ISM immediately and enjoy our unique process to turn your private stock into cash within the next 90 days.

ISM provides a safe and secure bid-and-ask online marketplace – without short sales or options. All stock and cash transactions are managed by a SEC authorized broker/dealer and Stock Transfer Agent.

ISM provides access to capital to business owners without the debt of bank financing, the risk of losing majority control by using funding groups, or the significant expense, reporting, and time requirements of public offerings. Visit for more information.

Bank Funding

We have helped clients establish lines of credit, asset loans SBA financing and all other bank sourced financing. These loans require the 5 C’s of banking and a specific business plan to achieve the objective and establish the confidence of the banker.

  1. C – Character – Trust and history
  2. C – Capacity – Financial strength to repay
  3. C – Capital – Own investment vs. needs
  4. C – Collateral – Income and asset support
  5. C – Conditions – Economy impact and conditions

SBIR/STTR Research Funding

We have obtained over 20 successful government SBIR/STTR funding associated with university and company combined organizations.

If you need funding, we can help you accomplish your objective.