22Dec 2020

Dream big and define your goals: why visualization is vital to success

How mindful are you about your language and striving to make positive changes?

This week’s article Dream big and define your goals: why visualization is vital to success comes from Marcus Child and his perception of the true value of having dreams and a vision in leadership. Marcus is the co-founder of Positive Reframe and a regular Vistage speaker.

If we want to dream big we have to inspire others to want to join the dream team, become invested, and take ownership of the vision. Vistage has presented another great article, this one on the instruction and guidance taught by Marcus Child. The article is filled with positive affirmations and a reminder to all of us to use our language in a positive way. How we say things, has an impact on those around us.

Goals vs. dreams

Marcus helps the reader understand the concepts of a goal, which may be derived from our dreams. “But the dream is the thing which sparks joy and ignites our imaginations – it reflects our innermost desires and therefore our very identities. Having a dream begins with a question: what do you want?”

It is important to consider how we keep employees motivated and engaged, that says a lot about who we are on a personal level. When people feel invested, “they think outside the box, they go the extra mile, they come up with innovative ideas.”

Another great take away from this article comes when Marcus quotes Sir Alex Ferguson. The two most important words you can use – and should use with frequency, as a leader – are ‘well done’. How often do you say that to your employees and others around you?

‘well done’

The article is a good read, insightful, and filled with a number of positive accolades that we can all pull from.

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