3Mar 2021
Mar 3, 2021

Keep teams focused and positive 5 ways for CEOs

As the CEO are you building and sustaining relationships?

This week’s TIP of the week comes from Vistage speaker Jay Forte, a certified CEO/leadership/family coach, author, and nationally-ranked thought leader.

In his article, 5 ways CEOs can keep teams focused and positive he discusses how executive coaches work with CEOs to assist them with effectively expanding their self-awareness of their strengths. At the same time making sure their employees are focused and engaged by improving relationships with them. Helping them take ownership of their work and committing to develop self-awareness leading to better decision making.

Forte states “Commit to enhancing the relationships with your employees by starting with you. Develop greater self-awareness and self-regulation to be more responsive instead of reactive. “

Forte lists five points to help CEOs look for ways to build more sustaining relationships.

1. Start with you. Emotional intelligence.

2. Reconnect personally with your team.

3. Include your team in creating shared goals.

4. Share leadership responsibilities with the team.

5. Commit to sharing more performance information.

It’s a good read, with some insightful information for the professional CEO.

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