9Feb 2021
Feb 9, 2021

Self-management, self-awareness, and why it matters to you


Strengths, weaknesses, feelings, thoughts, and values, what do they all mean to you?

In her article, How to Move from Self Awareness to Self Improvement, Jennifer Porter points out a number of key behaviors. Behaviors that don’t come easy to you, but that might generate a better outcome. 

Each of us must make a conscious choice and own up to the consequences of our actions. We have to make some self-management choices when we respond to others and try to avoid those negative habits that tend to upset others and leave hard feelings.

Porter’s information on self-management gives one something to think about. In today’s disruptive business climate, it’s easy to turn others off, and that can affect production.  It is important to get a handle on what we are doing and saying, and we should expect the same from others as well. As leaders, we have to set the example, while allowing others to have a voice in the conversation as well.

Porter provides some handy self-management tips for those looking to increase their self-awareness.

How to Move from Self Awareness to Self Improvement

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