9Jun 2021
Jun 9, 2021

The Key To Getting Your Message Heard Is Listening

Do you have those days when it feels like others only listen until they hear a break in the conversation – where they can jump in and start talking? Did they really hear what you said, or did they have something already pre-prepared to turn the conversation in another direction? In a meeting do others attempt to twist your words by inserting something that isn’t even on track with what you were attempting to say? Happens more than you know. Some only hear their own thoughts already answering your question before you’ve had the chance to get your message fully across.

Brant Pinvidic who writes about being an entrepreneur in Hollywood and beyond, addresses the topic of Listening with Purpose in his article The Key To Getting Your Message Heard Is Listening He highlights the concept of listening with purpose, and notes that expert communicators actually listen with the intent.

Pinvidic spent time with successful entrepreneurs that are pioneering the “Listening with Purpose” movement. The more that get on board with this movement, the better the professional environment for all.

“The first step is having a conversation with someone without interrupting them. Focus on how you can get the other person to open up, not about what you want to share”. ~Brian Pinvidic

Listening is your first step in getting your message heard and understood. You have to listen to gain knowledge. There is a saying “Solution Focus”. It is better to focus on the solution and not the problem. We already know the problem. Seek solutions – ones that start with listening.

A refreshing read, with some great examples. The Key To Getting Your Message Heard Is Listening.

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