7Apr 2020

Tip of the Week-10 Rules for meaningful meetings

Could you use some help with getting your meetings organized?

This weeks tip comes from Elise Keith Co-founder and CEO, of Lucid Meetings who has some ideas that might help.

In her article 10 Research-Backed Rules for Meaningful Meetings, Keith goes over meeting researchers ten best evidence-based rules that leaders should incorporate to make their meetings run smoother.

If you feel comfortable with experimenting and redefining your meetings, this will be a good read. Keith brings to light suggestions for avoiding drifts and keeping things on track. Incorporating technology is a must. Just look around at the number of people working at home today – versus 3 months ago.

Building diversity, design planning, and laying the groundwork for creativity in your team meetings are important points you don’t want to neglect. Establishing strong meeting guidelines now, guidelines that can help any leader with putting the real work into practice. All points touched on by Keith.

Now is the time to be planning and strategizing, and working toward when the economy comes fully back on line. Keith touches on many relevant issues to help leaders start to guild their teams toward being more effective in meetings.

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