5Oct 2020
Oct 5, 2020

Why emotional intelligence makes the best leaders

Tip of the week comes from the Vistage staff article where they presented on Why emotional intelligence makes the best leaders It’s an insightful read and I recommend it.  Have you checked your emotional intelligence (EI) lately?

Have you checked your emotional intelligence lately?

The emotional side of the business work environment deals with everyday employees, leadership, management, and self-help. When we react emotionally, the fallout, if left unchecked, can manifest itself in angry outbursts, depression, and low resilience to getting sick.

The level of emotional intelligence in leadership drives decisions. Scary? It could be! Getting a check on one’s own reactions to pent up emotions is essential. Leaders need to be able to offer kindness and reciprocate respect in diverse situations.

Words are powerful, and words can be quickly misunderstood and emotional at best. Words change communication within an organization and can present unforeseen internal challenges.  Same with Empathy and Sympathy, it’s about how we relate and connect with each other. EI is the ability to act with the ability to include other’s needs.

Why emotional intelligence makes the best leaders, provides some well thought out ideas and questions to ponder.

  • What is Emotional Intelligence?
  • What are the Benefits of EI?
  • What is the importance of EI in leadership?
  • And more.

By dealing with your emotions, you can make decisions in a more unhurried, considerate, and logical manner.


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