Coaching, Team Work, and The Productivity PyramidTM
4Apr 2018

Coaching, Team Work, and The Productivity Pyramid TM

Coaching, Team Work, and The Productivity Pyramid TM

A CEO of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) reported that 20%-25% of all people are having some life issue right now. That means many employees are currently struggling with a life issue. Life issues could include: financial problems, a sick child, sick parents, divorce, close relatives untimely death, abuse, etc. If the workplace can help employees cope with these life difficulties, the productivity will increase.

What is the productivity change for an annual employee review system? As a five-year Vistage Chair, we have had several speakers that indicate that an annual review has zero or negative impact on employee productivity.


What I would like you to think about, is a personal monthly COACHING session with your direct reports, where the above techniques are used to improve their work situation. If monthly coaching sessions are held, how easy do you think it would be to hold an employee accountable? Much easier than an annual review.

There should be rewards for performance. At all levels. Profit sharing, bonuses, and specific milestone accomplished can trigger a reward. The important parts of rewards system are:

A.   Quantifiable

B.   Timely

C.   Performance-based

D.   Fair

E.    All participate commensurate with their responsibilities and achievements

You should have and use the Productivity PyramidTM.

Executives typically use” top-down” communication, instead of bottom-up coaching and listening. Good coaches engage the participant to bring forth ideas and ways to improve their position, activities, and skills. In bottom-up coaching sessions, skills are discussed and trained. An effective coach uses the above traits to create a winning atmosphere and team culture that will produce superior results.

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