Helping Hands - Volunteers Reaching Out After Hurricane Florence
19Sep 2018
Sep 19, 2018

Helping Hands – Volunteers Reaching Out After Hurricane Florence

Helping Hands – Volunteers Reaching Out After Hurricane Florence

Emotional and Psychological impact

Psychology Today reminds us that when talking with disaster victims that the most beneficial thing we can do is “focus more on listening and speaking less”. Often we self-reflect on our own lives and experiences, and that may not be what they need to hear. Listening to victims and being more of a guide is much more beneficial in the long run.

Let others know you are safe

It is important that people are able to locate their loved ones. The Safe and Well Website offers individuals to list that they are safe by registering on the website. It also allows family and friends to search for loved ones.

Donate (American Red Cross)

FEMA – Florence. Fema is already on task, helping those who were in the path of Florence, and for those who will experience even more disaster as the flood waters from the rivers and streams begin to rise.

Listening on the radio an announcer noted that the amount of water that will finally crest in some of the low lying areas, is equal to trying to put 6 lanes of traffic into one.

The best way to help is not to send diapers but DONATE money. When you send money the greatest needs can be taken care of. Those on the ground working on the relief efforts know what the individual needs are. Your donation of money help aid workers get the correct aid at the right time, to those who need it most.

National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (Nvoad) 

The National Voluntary Organizations Active In Disaster is an association of may organization that come together to help foster the responsible deliver of aid to communities that have been affected by the most recent disaster. National VOAD includes a list of the most most reputable national organizations that help aid those impacted by disasters like Hurricane Florence.


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